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About Us

The World is innovating rapidly and technology is nowadays involved in EVERY aspect of our lives.

But ... 

Did you know that Locks are from Before Christus (over 2000 years old) and haven't developed at all.


Those facts about outdated everyday-tools have triggered the start of Tech4Safety.

Our mission is to bring innovation to those forgotten but oh so important tools in our life.


A couple years ago we started with this idea and put a lot of time and effort into the Research & Development of our products, to ensure that our customers have not only the latest technologies but also reliable and high quality products. Nowadays our R&D department is not only improving the current Product Range but is continously looking into new applicable innovations in consultation with our factories and suppliers. It is our duty and care to introduce you to fantastic products in the field of safety and hightech gadgets!


Our products are of very high quality standards. We are very cautious crafting our products together, before we release it to the market. For example, the Locks and USB-sticks are tested by a trial group of 30 persons for a period of six months under extreme conditions. We have a high protocol within Tech4Safety that everyone must adhere to, from the factory process where our products are made to our customer satisfaction. Of course we continously take a critical look at our guidelines. Your concern for quality and safety is our Number 1 priority!


On behalf of our team, we introduce you the latest innovations for safety purposes.